Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Modern patchwork summer 2015 for you ZEN CHIC I’m more than thrilled to hold the new issue of Modern Patchwork and see the Bouncing Balls wall hanger, made from my new line FOR YOU with MODA on the cover – yeah, it’s a cover girl!

The pattern uses a drunkard’s path block. It requires a layer cake and some solids. You will sew 36 blocks and each of the blocks uses one layer of the 42 fabric swatches of a layer cake (so you’ll have some left overs for a pillow). The large circles show the different fabric designs beautifully – don’t sew this quilt with just blenders, use your most favorite prints and let them show up. Since my fabric line has a wide variety of colors I could use that for my advantage and build a gradient from warm to cool. I filled the background of the circles with solids supporting this gradient.






Modern Patchwork Summer 2015 FOR YOU by ZEN CHIC

Modern Patchwork Summer 2015 FOR YOU by ZEN CHIC

By the way – since this spring I’m designer for a quilting motif company and create some quilting designs which you can buy online – either as a stencil or as a paper or digital pattern for a longarm machine. The loops in the circles and the scissors are both my motifs for You will find more of my quilt motifs like glasses or TVs there…

Modern Patchwork Summer 2015 FOR YOU by ZEN CHIC

Modern Patchwork Summer 2015 FOR YOU by ZEN CHIC

Modern Patchwork Summer 2015 FOR YOU by ZEN CHIC

The magazine is now available at your newsstands. Enjoy!

and the winner is…

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

winner giveawayCongratulations to last weeks giveaway. We celebrated a new compilation book from Martingale called Quick Change, Refresh a Room fast with Quilted Bed Runners. Thirteen gorgeous bed runners designed by some very talented quilt designers are featured in this book.

And the lucky winner is LISA MARIE! Congratulations! I will contact you via email.


Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

A couple of days ago I received a new book about handbags, written by Susan Dunlop and published by Martingale.

Susan has used my fabric lines Juggling Summer and Comma for some of her bags and was so kind to send me a copy.

Everyone from beginners to experts can create an assortment of modern, practical projects for gifts or personal use. Start with a simple, elegant handbag and progress to more challenging designs; skill-level ratings are included.
The book includes step-by-step illustrated patterns for 12 attractive projects in a variety of shapes and styles: A pleated clutch, market bag, satchel, and wallet
It also includes resource info and comprehensive how-to techniques; learn about tools, fabric prep, interfacings, linings, and purse hardware and the detailed instructions show you clearly the how-to.

I hope you enjoy the eye-candy as much as I did.


style and swing 9

 style and swing 1 style and swing 8

style and swing 2 

style and swing 3 

style and swing 4 

style and swing 5 

style and swing 6

Quick Change Blog hop and Giveaway

Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

About a year ago Martingale invited me to be a part of a new compilation book called Quick Change, Refresh a Room fast with Quilted Bed Runners. Thirteen gorgeous bed runners designed by some very talented quilt designers are featured in this book and I felt very honored to be one to contribute to the book.

martingale Quick Change bedrunner compilation book
We celebrate the new book with a blog hop and a giveaway and the designers will be sharing details about their runners, Q&A style.

What inspired your bed runner?
It must have been Pinterest (what else) where I once spotted a black and white wall art with lines of irregular triangles. I see instantly fabric or quilt patterns in inspirations and in that one I could imagine how easy to piece it must be – wonky cuts and no matching points. Sounds like fun.

Quick Change Zen Chic detail
Zen Chic Quick Change
And my line FIGURES gave me the perfect shades of navy, aqua and white linen. BTW: this quilt has been sewn and quilted by a friend of mine, Martina Ludwig. It’s great to have helping friends with such skills!

Do you have other favorite projects from Quick Change?
I love Winding Roads by Megan Jimenez of Quilt story for its design and the beautiful fabrics “Color Me Happy” from Vanessa Christenson. it’s the one on the book title above.

What does the master bedroom of your dreams look like?
Ohhh, which of all the favorite pictures should I pick for you????  In general it is a minimalist (how could it be otherwise), modern, clean and Scandinavian designed bedroom with lots of light and air to breath and feel free.

scandinavian bed room zen chic
 Image via Pinterest

One lucky winner will get an eBook version of Quick Change, which Martingale will kindly give away. For a chance to win, all you need to do is enter through the give away form below!

Follow the Quick Change blog hop for fun designer Q&A’s. You will even have more chances to win the eBook!
Tuesday, April 28: Blog-hop kickoff at Stitch This!
Wednesday, April 29: Kimberly Jolly and Jocelyn Ueng at Fat Quarter Shop
Thursday, April 30: Heather Andrus & Megan Jimenez at Quilt Story
Friday, May 1: Brigitte Heitland at Zen Chic
Saturday, May 2: Heidi Pridemore at the Whimsical Workshop Studio
Monday, May 4: Amanda Leins at Mandalei
Tuesday, May 5: Doug Leko at Antler Quilt Design
Wednesday, May 6: Audrie Bidwell at Blue is Bleu
Thursday, May 7: Stephanie Prescott giveaway via Facebook

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why I hate this Quilt Market thingamajig…

Dienstag, 28. April 2015

pssst, SHE doesn’t know it. SHE would be anyway to busy to notice it. But well – I really hate these days.

SHE becomes so neglecting. Cuddling hours going to zero. Food only after the second loud and clear demand. And I am still so supportive…

It all starts when this car stops in front of our door – and I watch out for it!

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds01  Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds26

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds25The guy drags heavy boxes in my home and SHE freaks out with joy, jumping around as if SHE would have found an unsealed and open XXL-cat-food package. Then SHE disappears with all the stuff for hours into her studio and I hear HER singing, and working until late night. I mean, let me check that box – are there any drugs in????

All I could find were such odd bundles, who knows what those are for… Human beings are weird, aren’t they…







Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds Moda

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds Moda

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds ModaAlthough I don’t get the point what HER hype is all about, it seems to be something you can play with. At least SHE can spend hours and hours with that kind of thing. I mean – ok, it’s comfortable to dive into this watchamacallit fabric, but I prefer to have just a nap on the spread out scraps.

FOR YOU by Zen Chic for Moda

BTW – does SHE even get the point what playing is all about – having fun, chasing and throwing things around. When I watched HER the other night, when SHE were on HER knees seeming to have all the burden of the world on HER shoulders while pondering which of HER snippets should go where – OMG, look at that – this was her sad result. I mean PLAYFUL, baby?????

Zen Chic collection FOR YOU, pattern  Octo, Moda

I was so sorry for HER. Out of pity for HER miserable outcome I took heart and thought, let me assist HER a bit, so SHE can feel better. I brought all that stiffness out and made a good example for what we call having fun!

ollection FOR YOU, pattern  Octo, Moda

Yes, that was really supportive!

I think I should teach HER more of this good stuff. Living la vie en rose instead of waking up with dark circles around the eyes due to last night’s overtime hours. Relax, baby! There is more in life than working hours!

Let’s see what SHE is doing right now… Going outdoors to take pictures from her latest whatsit.

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds Moda

What could this be good for?

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds moda

no clue…

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds Moda 
perhaps something interesting underneath….

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds13
 Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds moda 
This is just a perfect place to relax and bask in the sun. Well, if I am only a shining example – maybe SHE will follow and find insights about the most important things in life…

Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds Moda
There SHE goes! That wasn't so hard, was it?

designer-blog-takeover_250x250I’m curious about what my colleagues have to report about all the other weird Moda freaks,  hopping over today to

Kathy Schmitz

Vanessa Christenson

Laundry Basket

Basic Grey


Freitag, 24. April 2015

Thank you for all your encouraging and wonderful comments cheering me up in creating quilting fabrics. It means more to me than I can tell!

Everyone has great ideas and good reasons to get a Reel Time Layer Cake, but I can just send out one. So the randomly drawn winner is


  Nancy, who said “I have never purchased a layer cake, but have recently seen patterns that I would love to make. Love the graphic designs in your fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity to win !”

Congratulations Nancy, I will contact you to get your address.




In case you need an idea what you could do with such a Layer Cake: here is one of my patterns featuring a Layer Cake from Reel Time, it’s called Fan-Tastic! It’s available through several online shops as for example

Quilt pattern Fantastic by Zen chic

Fantastic by Zen Chic

Fantastic by Zen chic

Reel Time by Zen chic

Reel Time Blog Tour ending with a Giveaway

Montag, 20. April 2015

I so enjoyed all the brilliant ideas and projects of the well-known bloggers contributing to this blog tour and I hope you did too!  Here is a collage of all the ideas the came up with

.reeltimeblogtour Zen Chic

The bloggers were

Lily’s quilts, Lynne Goldsworthy
A quilt is nice, Nettie Peterson
Kitchentablequilting, Erica Jackman
Diary of a quilter, Amy Smart
Freshly pieced, Lee Heinrich
Modern Handcraft, Nicole Daksiewicz
Lucky Lucille, Rochelle New, Kelly Smith
A spoon full of sugar, Lisa Cox

I’m super happy about having had these cool girls on board and looove what they gave as eye-candy. I hope this all inspired you to own sewing projects and gave you lots of ideas how to play with the new fabric line.

One lucky winner will have the chance to start at one with her project: You will get a REEL TIME layer cake.

The winner will be drawn randomly at Wednesday. To have a chance to win please leave a comment and let us know, why you think you need that Layer Cake or what you will do with it.



Reel-Time-Zen-Chic layer cake



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